Wreck Diving Tour 

It continues to attract divers who visit Coron here wreck diving ! ! Maximum total length 150 Mail class ship wreck.

Akitsusima and 10 large ships can be seen in Coron Bay.

Coron island diving tour (Boat Diving)

A beautiful coral reef spreading between mysterious islands and paradise of fish spreads out ! Hot spring lake diving 



The purpose of many guests visiting Coron is to diving with the dugong. I will show you to the special point.

Apo Reef Safari Tour 

It is the largest Atoll area in Asia, going on 2 days from Coron Island ! In addition to the beauty of the sea, sometimes manta and hammers can see! It is quite a recommended tour ! !



Anyway, I would like to enjoy Coron Island. It is a tour which is recommended for guest who thinks that it wants to dive all the diving site of Coron!

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