Owner recommendation restaurant 

The "Sinugba Sa Balay" grill restaurant with this signboard is a popular restaurant that can not enter without reservation in the city of Colon. I am watching the shopkeeper in the photograph is buying fresh seafood which I went to the market every day and purchased.

And smoked meat and grilled meat to eat here are exquisite. Other fish dishes and vegetable dishes are also popular seasoning and are crowded every day. Therefore, it takes a little time to order, so we recommend you to enter and order at 6 pm. Let 's just order before we get crowded! !

          One food 200 pesos ~ Open at 6 pm



It is on the highway street on the eastern side of the city

"Coron Village restaurant" This is the 2nd floor restaurant & pub of the hotel. Philippine cuisine is central, and among them is in the photograph. Boil the portion of the spinal cord of beef and vegetables plenty, and BOWL soup with plenty of collagen is exquisite. Other fish and shellfish dishes and pottery are also popular menus. Since it is crowded after 7 o'clock here, we recommend you to enter until 6 o'clock.   Starting . 1food 200 pesos ~ 5 pm

"Winnie's" in the center of the town It is a shop in Germany, Asia, Thai restaurant. Despite having just recently opened, it is crowded every day. At first How about being introduced to Japanese living here? What I felt like, this is pretty authentic Thai cuisine, plenty of seafood and vegetables Tom Young and green curry was a taste that seems to be a habit!Stir-fried other cappuccino's cashew nuts, red curry 5 days. 

 I passed through and there was no losing! ! The shopkeeper will   

                                             welcome you with his usual smile!



A restaurant called "Dari Dari" in the middle of Coron Town ! This restaurant serves Korean cuisine in the colon, which is a favorite shop for individuals, and a water service to the guests and a WIFI free service · In-room clean is also enhanced, and you can enjoy meals slowly.

Standard samgyeopsal and bibimbap / Chige pot You can have a delicious variety of umami dishes!



If you want to eat seafood restaurant "Lobster King" restaurant on the western side of town along Hiywe, I recommend this place.

It makes me eat fresh seafood mainly Philippine cuisine. Lobster, crabs and big fish dishes that you can cook immediately after taking out from a cage will season the San Miguel beer perfectly. Because the shop is also big, we will recommend it when we have lots of meals.



"ALTROVE" It is a shop of authentic Italian.It is guided by a good manager of Japanese and passed through the shop, baked pizza in authentic stone kiln, has plentiful variety of pasta. El Nido also has a branch and guests from home and abroad It also seems to know the taste. The restaurant is also beautiful, it is a restaurant with wine and Italian food & fashionable atmosphere.





There are men focusing on fish and meat. As Coron tourism developed, it opened around the same time and I heard that many guests enjoyed this grill dish. Grilled meat is an original seasoning with chicken, pork, and beef, you can enjoy it stubbornly. Here we recommend the Red Horse of Philippine local beer together while eating meat.