Charm of Coron Island


Palawan Islands The beauty of the sea of Coron Island is top level in the world and is always ranked as the top ten. You can feel the power of nature in the landscape of the mysterious islands that there are plenty of unspoiled nature and the gods have come down. And coral reefs grow like surrounding islands, forming a beautiful green lagoon. In case

Coron island called "the last secret" in the Philippine islands has many sunken vessels of the former Japanese army during the Second World War and is surrounded by rocks, so the wave and the tide It is also calm, has transparency and is easy to divide, it has become a world famous Wreck Point.

It was elected as Forve's magazine's best 10 diving points in recent years, and it is also a place introduced as the "world's best island" in American travel magazine Condenas Travelers.


Recently from Asia, there are an increasing number of guests visiting the coron to see the dugong. Coron's dugong habitat is limited, giving opportunities to encounter the dugong while communicating the importance of observing regulations and local rules to protect the dugong so as not to destroy this

environment now.